6 Money Management Apps to Help You Budget Your Money for Gaming

Blog Post - 6 Money Management Apps to Help You Budget Your Money for Gaming

Professional gamblers know who to manage their finances, and money management apps are their best friend. Money management is crucial if you want to have an enjoyable experience in gambling without getting your emotions in the way. To become one of those professional gamblers who treat gambling as an investment, you should also do what they do.

To help you manage your money, here are the lists of the apps that you can use.

Money Management Apps

  1. Moneybox


If you are a gambler, every penny is important. While other people take a spare change for granted, you know that you can use it on your next bet for potential growth once it accumulates.

The Moneybox makes it possible for you to invest that spare change. Since you love online casinos, gambling on a stock market with your spare change will provide you almost the same experience.

  1. You Need a Budget

Because you are spending some of your money on gambling, you know that you need to keep track of your expenses and savings. You Need a Budget can help you keep track of your cashflow. It allows you to enter your transactions in real-time and budget your money.

  1. Money Dashboard

Money Dashboard

If you do not like You Need a Budget, Money Dashboard is your next option. It allows you to see the outflows and inflows of your finances, including in your bank account, credit cards, and the like.

It saves you time because you can see all your financial accounts in one place, which what this app makes possible.

  1. Wally

If you want one of the money management apps mentioned by Forbes, Wally is one of them. Forbes deemed it as one of the 10 start-ups.

This app allows you to look at your finances in a 360-view. You can connect your accounts to it so you can see your expenses and savings in real-time. You can also create a budget using it.

  1. Mint.com


Mint.com is a straightforward app that allows you to manage your finances. It will enable you to connect through several financial institutions, so you can quickly view the inflows and outflows of money from your accounts.

You can also set a monthly budget. It has notifications that will let you know if you are getting close to going beyond your budget.

  1. Squirrel

If you are a gambler, you know that you should not be a big spender. Squirrel helps you do the budgeting for you. It ensures that you will not spend all your money at once.

However, you should entrust your money to it first. It will give you the money that you need in the allotted time. For example, if there is an upcoming bill, the Squirrel app will release the funds required to cover that bill, no more, no less.

It will also help you allocate your spending money and savings. Therefore, it helps ensure that not all your money will go to gambling.

With all the money management apps listed here, there is no excuse for you not to gamble responsibly.