Steam tower

The Steam Tower slot machine is a 16-floor marvel from NetEnt that offers a thrilling gaming experience. The main objective of the game is to rescue the princess from the clutches of a red dragon. As the game’s name suggests, the player climbs up the tower in search of the golden key that will lead them to the top floor, where the bonus features are found. The bonus round in this slot has a good multiplier and includes an extra round on top of that.

Steam Tower is a 5×5 video slot with a maximum of 15 paylines. The symbols in this game are all steam-related and feature stacked Wilds. You can win multiple times by lining up similar symbols, but you can only win if they appear in a line at the same time. To find out how to maximize your chances of winning, review the paytable before playing the slot. This will help you understand how the different types of symbols work and what to do to increase your winnings.

Steam Tower is a unique video slot from Netent. This game has a simple structure and a great theme, but the game can get very complex once you reach the bonus round. It is an excellent choice for fans of high-quality Netent video slots, as it has a high RTP. When playing this slot, be sure to play it on your computer to see what you’re missing out on. Once you’ve got a good idea of how to win, you can start to play Steam Tower online.