Wild flower

If you have been thinking about starting a wild flower garden, the first thing you need to do is understand your site’s conditions. Fortunately, there are many seed companies offering different wild flower mixes, and you can even choose your own. Adding grasses to your wild flower garden is a great idea because they will act as weed blockers, but they will not compete with the flowers. Grass has shallower roots, so it is an excellent choice as an addition.

Like the Donuts franchise, the Wild Flower slot features gothic visuals. This game looks a lot like its brother, Danger High Voltage, and even has a soundtrack by The Cult. This slot is full of atmosphere, and it is sure to capture your interest. Whether you’re looking for big payouts or just a simple, fun game, you’ll find plenty to enjoy in Wild Flower.

The Wild Flower pay table features royal symbols such as the sevens and a diamond, as well as Js, Qs, Ks, and As. Other symbols that appear throughout the game include the blue paw prints and the purple wolf. The premium symbols are themed around the colours of the flowers and are also worth mentioning. If you get three or more of these icons on any reels, you’ll receive between 0.3x and 1.5x of your total bet. The red woman pays 0.4x of your total bet for three or more of her kind, and the yellow and green lions will win you up to 6.5x of your bet if you land all five.